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PEGAS - Accessories

PEGAS Handle

PEGAS Handle is a beer tap handle for indicating a beer type.


Specific features:

  • It is made of durable black plastic and can be screwed to a regular beer tap as well as to the PEGAS NovoTap and PEGAS CrafTap beer dispensers.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed, so it adds to comfort of a filling procedure.
  • Inside the handle there is an area for an insert. You can use it to indicate a beer type and its price.

Weight of the PEGAS Handle: 42 gr., size: 100*60*29 mm.

PEGAS Atlant

Pegas Atlant is a panel for mounting PEGAS Classic and PEGAS NovoTap systems to the wall of a cold room, etc.

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Specific features:

  • Reliable installation
    The panels are made of special structural steel, thus, you can be sure that your PEGAS or PEGAS NovoTap systems are safely mounted to the vertical surface.
  • Attractive look of a sales area
    Beer, gas and drainage hoses that are connected to the PEGAS/PEGAS NovoTap systems can be hidden with the help of the PEGAS Atlant panel and your sales area will have a neat and appealing look!
  • Quick mounting
    PEGAS Atlant allows installing the PEGAS/PEGAS NovoTap systems very quickly. The panel is mounted to the wall with self-tapping screws and then the PEGAS/PEGAS NovoTap systems are easily installed on the surface.
  • Easy scaling
    Design of the PEGAS Atlant makes it easy to combine several panels. It allows increasing or decreasing of the number of PEGAS units installed.
  • Low costs
    Now you do not need to buy standard beer towers for 1 or 2 PEGAS systems. You can have only one PEGAS Atlant panel which will cost significantly less than beer towers and install 5 PEGAS systems onto it.


Pegas Atlant 4 allows mounting 4 PEGAS systems.
Pegas Atlant 6 allows mounting 6 PEGAS systems.
Pegas Atlant is an angular panel that can join two other panels with the systems installed at the corner of the room.

Adapter shank

Adapter shank is a shank with the threads 5/8-5/8" or 5/8-1/2" for mounting the PEGAS beer dispensers to beer towers with corresponding threaded holes: 5/8" or 1/2".



  • 5/8-5/8";
  • 5/8-1/2".

Adapter shank is made of:

  • 2 parts of the shank
  • Connecting nut
  • O-ring

Adapter shank solves the following issues:

  • It allows mounting of the PEGAS dispensers to a beer tower with a threaded hole 1/2".
    Both ends of a standard shank supplied in the usual set of the PEGAS beer dispensers have the thread G 5/8". That is why, it is impossible to mount a PEGAS beer dispenser to a beer tower with a threaded hole G 1/2". However, this problem has been recently solved and PEGAS beer dispensers can be connected to a beer tower with the thread G 1/2" with the help of an adapter shank 5/8-1/2".
  • Proper mounting to blind holes of beer towers.
    When the PEGAS beer dispensers are mounted to a blind hole of a beer tower, it is rather difficult to install the systems properly. The improper mounting can cause break of leaktightness. Both types of an adapter shank (5/8-1/2" and 5/8-5/8") allow the user to install PEGAS beer dispensers vertically and prevent from beer leakage. It is possible due to a special design of an adapter shank that is made on the analogy with a beer tap.


Pegas Twist is a manual device used to aid with tightening and loosening bottle caps on PET bottles.

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Special features:

  • Reliable cap tightening.
    It ensures the bottle cap is tight enough to seal in the CO2 to ensure the beers freshness and to preserve the beer’s enriched flavor.
  • Ergonomically designed.
    The Pegas Twist comes with a soft handle for comfort, a simple design for ease of use, and an effective design that will tighten or loosen any cap.
  • Saves time.
    The Pegas Twist saves the user time by simplifying the process of cap tightening, and by effectively sealing in the product.
  • Reduces Medical injuries.
    The Pegas Twist reduces serious injuries to the wrist from excessive strain, and prevents blistering of the fingers.
  • A reliable product.
    The Pegas Twist is made from a strong ABS plastic that is both durable and reliable.