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There are two basic types of minibreweries according to the differences in fermentation processes. In the first case the primary and secondary fermentation processes run in separate tanks.

The primary fermentation takes place in a fermentation tank with normal atmospheric pressure. When the level of residual sugar reaches 4%, the beer passes on to lagering tank, where the secondary fermentation takes place and the beer stays here under pressure for aprox. 30 day to 45 days with strong lagers.

With the second type of minibreweries the fermentation processes run in two phases as well, but in one, so called cylinder-conical tank. The primary fermentation proceeds under pressure of 0,2-0,3 bar, which is controlled by air fitting enabling setting between 0,2 and 2,5 bar. The secondary fermentation takes place in the same tank, but under higher pressure of 1,2-1,8 bar.

For detailed description see Minibreweries with separate primary fermentation or Minibreweries with cylinder-conical tanks.

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