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Customer service

When buying our minibrewery you will receive a standard set of spare parts free of charge together with the minibrewery. These are parts prone to mechanical damage such as seals, joint rings or inspection hole glass. If there are any other damaged parts despite our care during the production, within the warranty period we will forward all spare part to you at our cost in 2 days within Czech Republic or in a week to abroad. Even after the warranty period the full range of spare parts is available at any time upon your request, we will forward them to you either by regular post or any express delivery service which is convenient for you, however after the warranty period we cannot cover the forwarding costs. You can find the full range of spare parts in the section Sets, it is basically the same as the list of minibrewery components.
The price list of spare parts for customer service after the warranty period is available upon request in our office, the contact can be found in the section Contact us.