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Optional equipment

Brewing proces automation

If you decide to automatize your minibrewery, the whole process of brewing will be fully controled by computer except for malt pouring and collecting of extracted grains. The control unit consists of hardware with operation system Linux RH 7.1 and VM SUN JAVA 1.4 and installation of control command program MBS 1.0.1V. The price of 19 796 EUR for automation of our double tank brewhouse contains installation of complete hardware with pneumatic drives and fittings for the brewhouse. The automation set further contains licenced operation system and software for brewing of ten-degree beer, twelve-degree beer, thirteen-degree Weissebeer, ten-degree dark beer and fourteen-degree special beer. The software can be adjusted to fit your requirements. If you are interested in automation of other equipment from a different supplier, we will be happy to assist you and suggest the best solution to meet your individual demands. For further information contact



The filtration of beer can be processed through two different types of filters – sheet filters or diatomaceous alluvial filters. The difference between these filters is especially in investment and operational costs. The sheet filters investment costs are several times lower then those of diatomaceous alluvial filters, however from the long-term point of view the operation is less economical. They are suitable for occasional filtration in minibreweries with lower production volume. All sheet filters can be accompanied by pumping units according to your demand. The diatomaceous alluvial filters require higher initial investment, but the operation cost per one filtration cycle are very low. It is also possible to automatize the process of filtration. Therefore these filters are recommended to large capacity minibreweries where filterd beer prevails in the production. For detailed information please contact

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